Best phone holder so far

“I’ve tried several similar products, but this one is by far the best. Soon as I open the package and took the magnetic holder in my hand I knew I’ll order some more later for my friends.
– I’ve been stunned with the amazing quality (for this price range)
– Magnetic force is really strong (no chance to slip the phone)
– You can position it everywhere in the car, office or home
– Looks amazing even without a phone on it, small and elegant

I’ll give it a 5 star rating and recommend it to everyone.
Suggestion – Not really a con, but you need a small completely flat surface to glue the holder ( double sided tape included in the package)”

Holding Well

“This mount has been holding very well so far. It was easy to apply and my first trip with it was 6 hours round trip to move my son into college. I like that there’s no clip or sides to open and close or to block the charging and audio ports. I just put my phone on the mount and done. I did not use the adhesive to stick the magnet to my phone, I just put the plate inside the slim case I use. My dash is a little textured so I was nervous but after 3 weeks there’s been no problems. “

Must be a smooth surface

“The only issue I have with this product, is that “surprisingly” there are few spots on the dashboard you could place it. In my three cars, I really struggled to find a spot where the phone would not block other controls or be out of reach. But that’s not an issue of the product. Just look at your own dashboard before buying. Vent mounts may be easier to accommodate.

Jay Leno

Actually stock and hold the weight!

“Finally a mount for my car that actually sticks and holds the weight! Not only does the mount stick to my car very well, but the magnet for the phone to the mount is incredibly strong. I was skeptical at first but now I can’t ever see how I survived without this. It’s so handy when using GPS and scrolling through my songs in my car. Don’t hesitate. Just buy! TIP: make sure that the magnetic plate makes direct contact with the holder.”

So amazing and soft!! Quality
“Great product.  Magnet is strong. Comes with two metallic plates to use in two different phones. I order extra plates and I really loved it. Price for the quality is great.”

Works good in any condition
“The best car phone holder I’ve ever had. The holder looks very nice. Good quality holder, made from a high quality materials. Very strong magnet, the phone does not fall even on the very bad condition roads. The handle is basically unnoticeable. Works great with my SA 6. That meets all my expectations.”

Great Investment and well worth the price
“The price was very good for 10 units!
I liked the ten products, came well packaged, has a material of great quality. One for each room of the house
I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it.”

Use it Everyday.
“I use this everyday with my Iphone x.r Works perfectly. The phone is always nice and secure. I’ve had holder that go in the vent, and it is not good. This one is the best one i’ve tried so far”

My life is changed….!! Quality
“OK- maybe that was a smidge overkill there but this product has reduced stress, kept me more organized, and increased safety while driving! The other extra mounts I have used around the home. Win, win, win!

Easy to place and are great for putting my phone …
“Easy to place and are great for putting my phone right where i need it when using maps on my phone. I don’t have the distractions when driving now. I don’t need to look away from the road any more. I just glance down and can still see the road in front of me. Now I have it in my line of sight.”

Easy to place and are great for putting my phone …
“Easy to place and are great for putting my phone right where i need it when using maps on my phone. I don’t have the distractions when driving now. I don’t need to look away from the road any more. I just glance down and can still see the road in front of me. Now I have it in my line of sight.”

These are SOO good. Buy Them!
“YES!!!! works perfect and comes with plenty of magnets. Boyfriend used the large rectangle magnet directly on his otter box case, and I slipped the other large rectangular magnet inside the zippered card pouch on my iphone 6 case bc i didn’t think it would stick well to the faux leather material. my phone is pretty heavy with the case and it holds it SUPER well even with the magnet being inside the case. We put one in our nissan and one in our honda civic. neither have detached after a couple weeks, phones haven’t fell off while driving, even with bumpy Cape Town roads. definitely super happy about these bc we were nervous to try magnet mounts. These work SO GOOD!!!!! BUY THEM!”

Rock Solid
“Love this little product! Goes just about anywhere flat and is so strong. My husband has an Iphone 6 so we put the magnet in his case and it works great. Tried my iphone 6+ this way but it didn’t seem to be too stable so we put the magnet on the outside of the case and it is rock solid. Since our state just mandated “hands free” usage July 1st we needed a way to be able to have the phone available to see easily. You can no longer even have it on your lap. These are exactly what we need.”

Good product BUT be careful
“Item was as described. Would purchase again. The sad part was it took almost two hours of research to come to this conclusion. My advice is that it works and it works well at this price point. The magnetics are strong (especially if you attached steel plate to outside of your case . . . inside between case and outer rubber not as strong but still held my smart phone). BUT, there is so many of this product out there, but the low is NOT as great. This is the original and it is clear from the strength, look and feel!”

The least bulky way to hold your phone near eye level
“I’ve been with this item. My phone pops on and off it easily, and stays put while driving, shaving, or exercising. I love that it is so small; not some bulky contraption on my dashboard or windshield. It may be a little tricky to find a good spot on crowded dashboards–I put mine on the front of the dash, near the top, but not on the top. Also, there are plenty of sticky pads and magnets enclosed: you can cover two cars and 4 devices.”

Great Mount
“After trying two or three other forms of mounting, i bought the Mobimount it is great.highly recommend it”

“Firm, stable, holds the phone very well, even the heavy one. This upgraded version is better than everything on the market!”

Stays put!
“These are low profile, inexpensive, and not hard to look at. The stick adhesive as well as the phone magnets work very well. I bought several to put on my golf car, boat, etc.”

Easy secure mount
“I saw this in a friends car and ordered it as we drove to dinner, I love the ease of it and now don’t have my phone sliding around my passenger seat. The magnet is even strong enough for an IPhone + And most car mounts did not fit my phone with a case on. I’m thrilled with this product and have since got them for my husband and both kids.

Cleaning surface + warning for knockoffs Quality
“Great product! It is very important that one clean the surface well for strong adhesion because many cars have been applied with some sort plastic protector that leaves oily surface. Using an alcohol swab to thoroughly clean the surface will produce a much stronger contact with the base.

Just a word of caution, make sure that you buy this product directly from MobiMount. Another company named “sdcsfgds” has almost identical advertisement for this product for the same price but, they sell a knock off that is inferior to this product.”

Works good! Really holds with strong magnets
“Works good! Really holds with strong magnets. Don’t use the cleaning wipes it comes with, as mine were dried out. Just use a moist glass lenses cleaner pad. Or rubbing alcohol to clean the area you want to stick it first. Make sure it was s dry before sticking it on. Also must be a flat smooth service and Not curved so the mounting plate is perfectly flat with the surface. Apply strong pressure for 30 secs. Then let it sit for 30 mins. To dry Before using it. Mine works perfect and I have an iPhone 8 has never fallen off with an Otter box case on my phone.”

Easy Install
“Great little product. I have installed one in my truck and one in my golf cart. Both are holding my iPhone in easy to reach locations.”

Trust me, it works
“With the new road laws we will go 100 percent hands free from 2019. Will not even be able to touch your phone. Got hey Siri working and got this to put phone on dash. Love it, have one in every car. The mount really sticks great with the tape and the magnet grabs and holds solid.
Great product!”

Excellent Product
“Very convenient and easy to use and install. Small and compact and holds the phone perfectly to the magnetic mount.”

Very well build
“These things work really well and are incredibly well built! They are all-metal construction and the movement of the ball joint is fluid with enough friction to keep the phone in place!
I was completely blown away by the incredible quality!”

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